West Point Improvements

Curt and I just got home from delivering a new water trough to West Point Inn on Mt. Tam.  We were met by Carl Sanders of MMWD who went over the placement of the new trough with us and his crew.  The water trough box will be lined with sand and fitted with a float.  The water trough will be kept in the same location across from the hitching rail.  Speaking of the hitching rail; we discussed replacing the existing hitching rail and re-locating it so it is in a somewhat better place for horses.  The new hitching rack will be in place in a week or two along with the installation of the water trough.  The horse shoe pit is still a little close, but I think we can figure out how to avoid being pitched at if we ride up on an active game! 

While visiting I also asked if it would be possible to overnight with horses at West Point Inn and the answer was yes!  I have long envisioned a ride from Muir Beach along Redwood Creek to West Point Inn, then on to Samuel P Taylor Sate Park with and an overnight at Devil’s Gulch.   Oh, the possibilities!  Let’s make a point of riding that section of Mt. Tam.  It’s important to make our presence felt! 


Posted on July 10, 2014 .